Monday, March 22, 2010

The new blog - Some answers to your questions.....

Here's some of the questions I'm getting about the move to a new blog.
  1. Is still Sharon's blog?  YES!  All I'm doing is changing names so you can have a shorter web address.  This will make it easier for you to remember where to go on the internet for great savings!
  2. Is Sharon getting paid for the new blog?  No.  I'm still just me!  Not getting a pay check or any monetary benefit from switching.  I am partnering with the Danville newspaper - Advocate Messenger to make this new blog come alive and will eventually have a link from the website.  But I am not going on staff at the newspaper.
  3. Is going to disappear?  Kind of.......The blog address you go to for daily deals called hereshatifound is just changing names.  That address is a huge mouthful and hard to remember so the new name Real Life Deals just makes life easier.
  4. Is the new blog going to have lots of advertisements and be tough to find my coupon links?  Definitely not!!!  I promise to not 'sell out' to advertisers.  I do hope to periodically tell you about certain businesses and companies that are saving me money and offer you special discounts!
So come on over to my new blog -!

(I'm still working on getting the email signup active!)

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