Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Hasbro coupons!!!

Just in time...... my toy coupons are all expiring. So Hasbro decided to release new toy coupons - and there are some great ones too!

Click here to print your coupons.
A few of my favorites.......
  • $5 off any $20 Star Wars Toy Purchase (I had 3 of these left over from when they were printed last Fall. So over the weekend, I took my son - who is a HUGE Star Wars fan and let him pick out 3 figures that cost $6 each. (That way, there was one new toy for each of my kids. I told him that if the coupons worked, we would buy all 3. Otherwise - no new toys today. We went through the check out at Walmart and they worked perfect! Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. Kind of depends on the cashier at Walmart. We were able to get 3 Star Wars toys that should have been $18 for only $3.00 total!!!! I'm definitely printing this coupon out as many times as it will let me!!!!
  • $5 off any $20 Strawberry Shortcake Purchase
  • $5 off any Monopoly Game - Walmart has the Monopoly deal card game for 5.24. An awesome card game for less than a quarter!!!!!!
There are 3 pages of coupons!!!! Hooray!

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