Saturday, March 6, 2010

New survey site to join....

I am a member of Lightspeed Consumer Panel. I have been a member since last September and have earned $30.00 in Gift cards! This is a really easy survey site to earn money on. All you have to do is earn 550 points and you qualify for your first $5 gift card. Most of the surveys pay at least 75 points and some up to 300 or more.

There are tons of rewards - gift cards for Applebees, Chilis, CVS, money to paypal...... just tons of rewards to choose from.

Here's how it works:
  1. Join here.
  2. You will receive email invitations to surveys. Usually no more than 2-3 a week (if that many). There are other quick surveys you can complete that supposedly make you better matched to other surveys.
  3. I don't 'qualify' for about half of my survey invitations but the initial screenings only take a few minutes to see if I am going to get the full survey.
Here's a link if you want to join. I get no credit for you joining so I have no reason to suggest you join except that I find it a very easy program.

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