Saturday, March 13, 2010

Playgrounds in the Mall

I think that most everyone who has ever been to a mall knows that kids get tired of shopping.  That's why some genius began creating playgrounds in the middle of the mall where kids and parents can regroup. 

The Lexington Fayette Mall has a kids area that is enclosed with only one entrance - making it easy to feel more secure.   There is a place for the kids to take off their shoes and padded benches around the entire fenced in area for the parents to relax while the kids play.  There are several 'baby themed' toys for the kids to climb on and through (a spilled bottle of milk, big alphabet blocks, teddy bear and rubber duck).  About once a month, when we go to the mall to pick up all my free stuff I've collected, this is a standard highlight.

Do you have pictures of any of the mall playgrounds available near you?  I'd love to see what your mall playgrounds look like!  These make for great places for the kids to recharge their batteries and gives us moms time to reorganize the coupons for the next shopping adventure!

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