Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Printable Coupons from Betty Crocker

Click here to print over $15.00 in coupons for Betty Crocker products.  I didn't print them all since I don't need all those products but there are some great ones to match with Kroger sales this week:

.50 coupon for Green Giant Frozen Steamers (on sale for 1.28)
coupon will double making them each .28!

.40 coupon for Betty Crocker mashed potato pouches (on sale for .67)
coupon will automatically double up to .67 making them FREE

.50 coupon for Cake Icing (on sale for 1..50)
Coupon doubles - .50 each

.40 coupon for kids trix yogurt or gogurt (on sale for 2.00)
Coupon doubles - 1.20 for 6 pack

.40 coupon for Fiber One bars (on sale for 2.29)
Coupon doubles - 1.49  (not free but a good price for these)

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