Thursday, March 4, 2010

Shortcuts coupon doesn't work? Just call!

Thanks to Angela for this great tip! Angela didn't get her ecoupon off her receipt the other day at Kroger. So what did she do? She contacted Shorcuts from their website, and they immediately credited her with the coupons onto her Kroger card for her next visit!

I had this happen once last year back when P&G gave out ecoupons and they credited my account but I haver tried to contact Shortcuts.

I love it. Angela did the best thing possible. When the ecoupon didn't work - she just contacted the company and they made it right! Awesome!

Don't forget to go load your ecoupons from cellfire and shortcuts before you shopping at Kroger this week. There are some big sales on Green Giant vegs, Pillsbury and Betty Crocker products.

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