Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Surveys on your receipt?

Have you seen the customer satisfaction surveys on your receipts?  Captain D's offered a $2.00 coupon for calling and telling about my recent visit.  10 minutes later, I hung up because I was bored and it just wasn't worth my time. 

Rite Aid and CVS often offer a sweepstakes entry for your feedback.  Gordmans and JCPenny often offer 15% or 20% on your next visit.

Do you ever respond to these offers?  Occasionally I will call - especially if I know I am planning to revisit their store and I want that % off coupon.  Most of the time, to me - they are a waste of time.  Just my opinion (for what it's worth...)


Heather said...

A good one is Burger King
On the back of the receipt, call and complete the survey. Then you receive a whopper or chicken sandwich free with purchase drink and fries, I always get the $1 fry and $1 drink!

Anonymous said...

The JC Penny's one is good too. I know remember it being very long.