Thursday, March 18, 2010

Walmart Clearance Deals

If you're at Walmart in Danville, check out their clearance aisle of foods! (center aisle where all their normal clearance usually is, where toilet paper use to be!)  My friend Heather found Fisher nuts on sale for 1.00 per bag.  If you've been collecting coupons long, you probably have oodles of those $1.00 Fisher coupons.  She did and she racked up big!  Heather was able to get FREE bags of peanuts.  Since those freeze great, she will have a great supply on hand for months.  (trail mix, peanut brittle, ice cream toppings, snacks.....)

Also at Walmart last weekend they had kids Danskin tennis shoes size 1-3 for $5.00.  Since I gladly pay $2.00 for tennis shoes at yard sales, I felt like 5.00 for brand new shoes was a great price.  So of course I bought the current size plus the shoes for next year to start kindergarten!!!!
Last week my friend Starr scored big at Walmart in their clearance aisle - buying hair products for almost free.
Note to self:  Always check the clearance sections of the stores.  You can use coupons even if something is on clearance!!!!

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