Friday, May 29, 2009

I just swapped an old gamecube game for a Wii game!

I hate having stuff sitting around the house that I no longer need or want. What do I do with extra DVDs, CDs, Books, Game system games? I post them on Swaptree.

You post the titles of what you have, make a quick list of what you want and Swaptree does the rest.

(Important hint about swaptree: the more you put on your lists - the quicker you will get a match. I try to add tons of things on my want list even if I only have a few things on my have list. That way the odds of swaptree finding you a match go up much higher! Several of you have joined swaptree but you need to add more things to your list so you will get a swap faster!)
Last night I posted a Star Wars Lego Gamecube game that we no longer needed on swaptree. Today I received an email saying I will receive Super Paper Mario Wii game in exchange. All I have to do is mail the gamecube game (media mail rate only costs about $2.00) and I will go to my mailbox in about a week and get my new Wii game.

Need more information? Read my earlier post about swaptree.

Ready to sign up and start swapping your unwanted media for something you really want? Click here.

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