Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Walmart matches competitor ads!

I don't ever go to IGA, But I get the sales paper in my mailbox since there is an IGA in a town only 20 minutes away. They are having some really awesome sales this week. So....... I took the sales ad to my local Walmart and had them comp (or match) the price.

Here's 3 examples of how I save money at Walmart:

Bounty single roll of paper towels (Walmart price 1.97; IGA sale price .50!)
They comped the price + I used a .25 coupon
Final price - .25!

Maxwell House coffee (Walmart price 5.99; Food Lion price this weekend 4.99)
Since this is something I will need to buy anyway, I will be comping this price this weekend at Walmart

1 Gallon Milk (Walmart price 1.98; Aldi price 1.49)
I always ask them to comp the milk for the Aldi price and there is never a problem.

Always check the competitor ads to see what you can comp at Walmart! I always take the competitors sales ad in with me so I can 'prove' the sale is valid to the cashier. My only exception is the Aldi milk. The cashiers here in Danville all know the Aldi milk price.

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