Friday, August 21, 2009

$10 of Free food from Schwans (new customers only)

1 more update: This offer is for new customers only! I have never had Schwans deliver food to me before but I couldn't pass up free food. I didn't sign up for any more food to be delivered and shouldn't have anyone else come to my house from Schwans to offer more food unless I choose to order more.

Update on my free food! I just had a box of 16 frozen corndogs delivered to my front door - and they were FREE! This offer started 3 weeks ago but is still going on. So if you haven't ordered your free food yet....... get started! -Order any one item for $10 or less and we will deliver it to your home for FREE. -first 500,000 people who have not purchased any products from Schwan’s Home Service, Inc. within the past 14 weeks. Just choose "Pay at delivery" as your option so you don't have to enter a credit card.

There are tons of options under 10.00 (icecream, pizza, corndogs, steaks, chicken, pasta.....)

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