Saturday, October 3, 2009

Swagbucks - How could you not love it?!?!?

Alright folks, it's time to tell you again about how much I love swagbucks. Why do I love it? Because my family has received $75 of free money to spend in just 2 1/2 months!!! How did I do it? By using the internet to search just like I do anyway.

(If you are an old-timer at swagbucks, just skip this first part and jump to the end) :-)
  1. Go here to sign up (no credit card of course!) On the sign up screen, there is a box for a bonus swagcode - just ignore that for now and leave it blank.
  2. Download the toolbar here (I have been using for over a month and it really makes it easier to get my swagbucks). Just click on the big word that says 'download'. You don't have to use the toolbar but I find it easier to have it on my screen so I don't have to go to swagbucks home page every day
  3. Every time you need to go somewhere on the internet, just use the toolbar search box to type in your search.

That's all there is to it! Tough, wasn't it?

After a few searches (that you were going to do anyway) you will get a screen pop up that says "congratulations, you have just won a swagbuck". There will be a big picture of a buck on the screen. You can log in at the same place and it will remember your number.

Once you get to 45 - you can trade those swagbucks for $5 in gift certificate.
Read here to see what all you can do with $5 at amazon. We're saving ours up to use for something big - probably something for Christmas - not sure yet.

If you are already using swagbucks regularly, here's how you can get other people to sign up under your account. Every time your friend gets a swagbuck, you will get a matching buck! It really adds up fast then!

  1. Open your swagbucks home page.
  2. Click on promote at the top of the page
  3. Copy and paste the link that is in the big blue box and send it to your friend. That way you will get credit for all their swagbucks too.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of saving the SB's, do they expire. I have $20 in my acct and another $15 coming. I too, was hoping to get someone on my list a gift.

Chris B.

SharonW said...

I always cash out my swagbucks as soon as I get to 45 and then 'save' the money in my amazon account instead of in my swagbucks account. I feel better about it that way but I don't think they expire. I haven't seen anything about them expiring.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so now how do I save them in my amazon acct?

Chris B.

Right now they are saved in my SB account.

SharonW said...

Once I get my amazon gift code number from swagbucks, I copy it and then login to my account.

Click on 'your account'
Click on Apply a gift certificate/card to your account
Paste in my amazon gift code number
It will immediately update and show you your balance in amazon.
That money is now 'safe'' in amazon until I decide to spend it.
When I place an order on amazon, they will automatically use that money first, then show your remaining balance.

Does that make sense?