Wednesday, November 25, 2009

2 Wii games for under $5

OK.... so you want to know how I just got 2 new Wii games for our family for less than $5.oo total? Easy! I swapped them. I am mailing a game I don't want and someone is sending me something I do want.

If you have DVDs, books, CD's, or games you don't want, you can post them at swaptree. Then you make a quick list of everything you would possibly want. Then Swaptree does the work. As soon as they find a match, you get an email asking if you will accept the trade.

*One complaint I have heard about swaptree is that you might be asked to swap your high value Wii game for a book or cd. We found a way to fix that. My husband has a swaptree account where we only list wii games and I have a regular 'other' stuff account. He lists the games that we no longer want and puts on his want list the Wii games we do want. That way, it is a fair swap. We have tried out quite a few games this way!

Need more info about swaptree? Read my original post here...

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