Friday, November 27, 2009

I get to play today - while the rest of the shopping world goes crazy.

Today is Black Friday but I'm not going near a store. I get to play and decorate for Christmas, knowing that my Christmas shopping is practically done. I don't have to mess with Black Friday crowds, don't have to be in the shopping craze or fight with someone over a toy in the aisle. I can feel very pleased with myself (almost smug if you please) that I was able to buy my kids Christmas toys for very little out of pocket.

How have I done that? I have spent the entire year watching sales, accumulating swagbucks, using coupons, matching sales and being as smart as possible.

Do you get to relax today while the shopping world goes crazy? I know some people get a huge thrill of hunting and scoring a great find on Black Friday - but for me..... I'm quite content to stay at home today.

If you haven't gotten your Christmas shopping list checked off yet, there's still time to snag some really good deals.

Here's a couple of tips.....
  1. Make sure you are getting your swagbucks every day! If you haven't signed up yet, you are missing out on free money. Here's a post with more information. It is slow going at first but soon you start to really see them add up. (We were able to buy a $100 Lego Star Wars set for my son for less than $10!!! by using swagbucks and sending in a rebate!) - and if you spill that secret to my son, I'll be forever upset :-)
  2. There are still tons of toy coupons on the coupon button (star wars, my little pony, potato head)
  3. Fisher Price is still offering $5 coupons for Trio Builder Toys (you can get them for free with that coupon at Kmart still!)
  4. You can still get $5 free at Kohls if you sign up for their newsletter. It takes about 7 days to get it in your email box. (If you signed up already with your mail email address, use your alternate email or create a new email account).
  5. Sign up for swaptree and trade your old dvds or cds to get something new you can give a nephew, son, or friend for a great Christmas present for less than $2.00
Happy Black Friday!

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