Wednesday, December 2, 2009

More free Money from - update

Today I checked my email and I have an email from that says"Cyber Monday Deal - Your $10 gift is enclosed!" Since there are no magazines I'm interested in buying right now, I love the fact I can redeem this for a $10 check.

I scrolled down to the very bottom of the email and in really small letters is says 'redeem for cash'. I clicked on that link and entered my name, address and gift code number from the email.

I got this reply on the screen:
Thank you for visiting to redeem a Cash Card.
A check in the amount of $10.00 will be sent to the postal address provided.

Did you forget to sign up? Here's my post with directions! Sign up today so you will get this great offer next time. (This is my 3rd time since March that I have received this!)

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