Friday, January 29, 2010

How we save $$$ on toys for 3 kids!

My kids absolutely love to play with their toys. But they do occasionally get tired of some of them.

Here's some ways we save money and still have really cool toys!
  • Swapping Toys: Last Fall, my daughter decided that her Loving Family dolls were tired of their house. No problem. My sister had a different Loving Family house. Her daughter was tired of that house.

    So how did we give both girls a 'brand new house"? We just swapped! Instant new dollhoue!

    Have you priced a new dollhouse recently? My sister and I both saved a bunch of money and both girls were thrilled!
  • Goodwill: Today we had to take one of the kids to the doctor. Nothing major -but still it involved a no-fun time for my daughter. So I offered a reward - a new toy. No problem for my budget - we went to Goodwill. I splurged and spent $4.77. I bought 2 GI Joe toys (a cool tank and helicopter), 1 pet shop bath tub that really sprays water, 5 stuffed animals - brand new looking, and a Little Einstein plush doll that still says tons of different stuff (This is being saved for my son's Feb birthday). We scored big!
  • Keep toys put out of sight: My kids will play with toys as long as the play area is clean. Once it is a mess, you can forget having them play. So our solution? We keep all the toys put away in buckets or baskets. (Sometimes I even use boxes from diapers or ramen noodles to separate toys). When they bring out a new box of toys out of the closet, it's as good as getting something new.

How do you save $$$ on toys?

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