Saturday, March 20, 2010

The blog is moving!

Here's What I Found is moving!!!!  Our local newspaper, the Danville Advocate Messenger, has found my blog and is interested in helping more people find Real deals in Real Life.  So I'm moving to a new website:!  That's it!  My  new name is easier to remember and easier for you to tell your friends. 

My goal all along has been to help family and friends find ways to save money in real life.  So, I'm working to make your life even easier with a new name and new site. 

Come join me at Real Life Deals!

I'll be posting details about how to get the new blog in your email every day just like you already are doing.  I'm also working on making these deals available on Facebook for those of you who love FB and want everything there. 

There may be a few snags as I get switched over but hopefully the transition will be easy!  I'll keep on reminding you about the new site for the next week until we get the email subscriptions all transferred over. 

Come on over and see what you think.  It's a work in progress - but it sure is alot of fun!!!!

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