Friday, October 30, 2009

Here's what we have purchased online that cost me NOTHING!

In the past 10 days, we have ordered these things online and paid NOTHING out of our pocket. (I had money in account from swagbucks, paypal and a $25 Barnes & Noble gift card)

  • New windshield wipers for our truck
  • Laser pointer for my husband's work
  • New floor mats for the truck
  • 5 new ink cartridges for our printer
  • Set of Little Einstein board books for my son's Christmas
  • an 80 piece set of marble racers - costs $24.95 at Barnes & Noble online

How have I done that? I use swagbucks constantly! I have sold a few random things on ebay, and I received some money back from where I had shopped online back in the summer.

Here's how you can get started making money that will allow you to make purchases online that won't cost you a penny!

  • Sign up for swagbucks here. Or if you are already a member, download the toolbar so you'll remember to search there EVERY time you search for something. The search results aren't always the same as google, but I'm willing to put up with a few extra seconds so I can see the money add up! If you are already earning regularly, bump up those earnings by referring some friends or family under your account so you will get a bonus buck every time they earn one too! How do you do that? Email me, and I'll walk you through it.

  • I always do any online shopping by starting at or That way I earn a percentage back in cash. If you haven't signed up yet, when you do sign up and complete your first transaction, you will get a $5.00 bonus start up!

  • I sell dvds, used computer or game system games, or books on Not everything will sell on Amazon, but media and books usually do pretty well depending on what the item is. Interested in selling on Amazon? Email me and I'll send you a response with all the details you need.

  • I sell random small items on ebay to pad my paypal account. Not everything will sell well on ebay but there are some things I do really well with. I sold a few kids game system books and games recently and made a nice little profit. Again, I will be glad to show you how to get started on that if you are interested.

There are ways to make legit money online to help your family. I will never be rich from the things I do online - but I am helping my family. How are you saving money for your family?

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