Thursday, February 25, 2010

Yep.... I got an itouch!

An itouch is not a cheap toy but we've been saving for it and I used some yep! I am now the proud owner of an itouch!
Since we're on the subject of an itouch - let me tell you how its going to save me money!
  1. Read ebooks for free. I downloaded the amazon kindle app which offers tons of free ebooks!
  2. Listen to any of my music - anytime: We moved all our music to mp3s and am now able to 'swap' all those cds (tons of cds) for things I really want. Remember my favorite swap site? Swaptree!
  3. View photos - No more carrying around pictures to show our latest family adventure; just upload the pics to the itouch.
  4. Calendar, Notes and voice memos

Now before you go buy an itouch, please remember that this is my big splurge and I've been saving for a while to buy this. If you do have one though, you can agree - ain't it fun!

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